Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HotWheel Custom Bone Shaker

Sorry for the late posting of my custom work. Lately, I've been very busy rushing some projects in my office and very tired after works. here's my recent works.

I remember seeing this Hotwheel Custom Bone Shaker posted by some expert japanese hw customizer posted on the internet few months ago but it didn't caught my eyes on the first sight. But then, after joining some local HWCM gathering, i manage to look close enough to see the real thing and feel it on my own palm and i must admit that this piece of casting are awesome and must not be miss in my collection.

While hunting some loose hw's on last sunday flea market at Amcorp Mall, i saw this bone shaker lying beneath some loose hotwheel's car in the plastic tray, looking lifeless and in a very beat down state....
I managed to buy it after bargained it with the trader at a very low price.
Later, i decided to give this bone shaker a new lease of life and start customize it.

This is the original condition, some parts of the body paint were chip off. Some gold colour on the both sides of the side muffler also faded off.

the wheel also in terrible condition, both front and rear looks uneven.

first step, i used micro screw driver to drilled and create the muffler opening. The process takes some times because it applied to both sides of the car. And had to be consistent and careful.

After that, the casting are separated by drilled off the rivets at the base of the car.
The body now sprayed with a coat of primer. And the wheel has replaced with another set of bright chrome rims with rubber tyres.

Here's the simple custom bone shaker make over.
Now with brand new look fitted with rubber tyres.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hotwheel Custom Honda Civic 'Spoon Sport' Group Photo

This is my second group photo custom 'Spoon Sport' project with two different casting of Civic S.I 2001 and Civic Type R 2006 which i want to post in my blog here.
thanks for looking!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Complete Custom HW Honda Civic 'Spoon Sport'

Sorry for the delays as i'm having a very busy working lately.
This is my second group custom 'Spoon Sport' project after Civic Type R previously. This time are two different casting of Civic S.I 2001 and Civic Type R 2006. In the end all four of this custom have finally complete after taken some times due to adjusting some changes during the work of progress as requested by my friends. I hope that my friends and fellow blog members which has been keeping updates on the WIP will be happy to see my works here and my Spoon Project will not fail their expectation. And those 'spoons' are fast disappeared as they my friends comes and collect immediately and left one to myself as model reference!!
thanks for looking!!

here's the pictures of custom civic 2001...

here's custom civic type R 2006..
and i will upload all the 4 cars together later as too much my photos to upload here.
thanks for viewing!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Work In Progress Part II HW Custom 2006 Honda Civic 'Spoon Sport'

Sorry for the long waiting. As the Custom Spoon Civic S.I 2001 version almost done, i've proceed to another hotwheel honda civic casting.
This is the continuation custom works of another Spoon Sport of Hotwheel Honda Civic Type R 2006 that i've mentioned earlier. Works shown below as casting has been sprayed yellow and blue colour. The decals also applied here to both of the car.

The interior part of this was all in plastic red colour and it's easier for me to preserved the seat by masking them before air brush spray applies.

At the same time,i proceed to the base of the car and used a small sharp metal rod to push and make a hole on the surface of the muffler end.

After that, i used small micro screw driver to drilled the opening hole manually on the muffler end so we can have real look opening hole.

Back to the interior part. The sprayed black colour have dried now and the masking have been removed. Some touch up added to the rear side audio's speaker and dashboard console.

Custom work on all the four cars are complete now.I will post the full complete pictures soon when all the final touch up were done.

thanks for looking and keep update.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Work In Progress Hotwheel Custom Spoon Civic 2001

Just started this custom although received this car last month. Yes, another custom civic s.i 2001 and this time is Spoon version as requested by YU5H and arttt_anime. The civic for art will be shown later stage. As i was aware, most of the time i didn't show my work of progress because as i work along with my custom in full attention and concentration and i didn't have some time to take photo. This time, i'll be showing my works in stages.
Here's the original civic S.i before custom works begins
After removing the casting using electric drill off the rivets on the base of the car, the casting now coated with paint remover.
after that, full hard sanding to casting. This is to smoothened the casting line especially on all four corners side which are visibly clear. It's tedious job,he!he!.......but need to apply or regret later!
When finish sanding (including soft sanding), i've apply some primer coat with spray works.
as for second day, another spray coat of yellow applies.
Update as works continue on 27th Aug.2009.
After overnight, i masked the casting and sprayed it over with white colour as base colour.
Another blue colour spray applies here.
When the blue colour dries, i've removed the masking and proceed to masking the front headlight and rear light by using my custom tools or known as scissor, cutter and tweezer. After that, i used small tiny brush tip to paint the front light and rear light.
As works continue:
updated as on 31st Aug 2009;
work continues as do some masking for airbrush on front air grilled intake bonnet. Others include rear wing masking also for air brush spray job.
this photo shown below are some portion of airbrush job is done
the masking has been removed, now can see in full front view.

and here's the the rear view,

well thats all for today. Still have some details to proceed and as work progress, it will take some time to complete.
Thanks for looking.

Stay tuned for the latest update.