Monday, March 21, 2011

Custom Hotwheels Trueno AE86 V2 Initial D

New improve custom AE86 to prevous first posting.
As requested by friends on these favourites japanese drift anime series, here's my latest work custom Hotwheels Trueno AE86 Initial D.
Added are custom built side mirrors, front and rear plates number along with rear steel muffler.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Complete Custom Hotwheels TEIN Honda Civic 2001

Brand new year and and a brand new custom Civic. As the end result shown, i must admit that this 2001 version are much better looking than the previous job done on the 2006 Civic SI TEIN version.
The overall custom has been improved mainly on the custom built lower skirting, side skirting and scratch built rear GT spoiler.

presenting Custom TEIN Hotwheels Honda Civic 2001, enjoy..

compares to 2006 custom TEIN Civic, which one are better?