Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Custom Ecto One 2012 HWCM 3rd Anniversary Dinner car

It's been a very busy month since last November 2011 until this year February 2012. In between these months i've been juggling my time to complete some custom contest, custom order and mass production on the 2012 HWCM 3rd Anniversary dinner car which is Hotwheels Ecto 1.

Although it seems difficult task but with the help from my two customizer friends Thunderhawk and Takata, the whole process went on smooth until the finish which are in time for the dinner date.Anyway the most time consuming are the detailing of the roof and fixing plastic wires cables.

Hereby i would like to thanks all the organizing HWCM committees for their unlimited support and trust in our works.
Here are the complete custom Hotwheels Ecto 1...

Chrome Ecto, one piece only for auction which are won by one of the member, congrats to the bidding winner.

Another red chrome chase Ecto. limited one piece only.

All three variants, Red Chrome, Chrome and white.

Pictures of WIP.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Competition Hotwheels Custom DragBus Hauler

My second entry at custom competition at Creepsterz Kustomz site which ended up second place.
The competition was 2011 final december quarterly contest. Although there was only three entries
for the DragBus custom, the custom quality level are high.

Here's my custom DragBus Hauler.
 The Head Unit

 The rear body was cut to accommodate twin exhaust and engines
 The hauler set

Thanks for looking.