Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hotwheels Custom Power Up Surf Crate

It's been a long time that i've didn't update any custom works here due to too many works and deadlines had to finish. hope that my friends won't disappointed.
A few weeks ago, i've ask my friend to help me looking for this Hotwheels casting, it's a Surf Crate..
Looking at me and he was not so convincing.."it's surf crate and it's ugly."
and he ask me why and i told him that i want to custom it.
What do you guys think of it?

well here's the WIP.
the original casting was stripped paint and the doors are cutting out.Apart from the difficulties in cutting, the construction of the openable hinges for the Gull Wing type door are the most challenging task.
later, some paint applies.
and here it goes.

This is my first custom entry into international custom forum ( creepterz kustomz) competition and for the month of october casting are 1/64 scales Hotwheels Surf Crate. The level of customizing over there are high, skillful and awesome .To make it into top 5 are miracle.
And i've ended up finish 2nd placing. sweat


  1. Hi Danielh!
    Congrats for the win!
    Amazing detail on this custom :-)
    really liked the engine upgrade!

  2. awesome custom!! U deserve the prize!! Look great! Especially the openable door!! Keep it up!!

  3. thanks Erwin.
    glad you like it, haha!

  4. thanks Ronny.
    yup , that openable door look great!

  5. Hi Daniel ,

    Sexy & naked piece of great machine.

    "Great Job".

    Cheers :)


  6. thanks Bernard.
    appreciates your comments,