Monday, January 25, 2010

Hotwheel Lamborghini Gallardo Simple Modding

On my friend request, this gallardo has been upgrade with red colour seat bucket, chrome finished engine details and chrome rims rubber wheels swap. These original black matt colour finishes are really nice and left untouch. Another modded gallardo are with red line tyres.
Which are the better choice for matching this gallardo? The black rubber or red lines tyres?, let the pictures speak for itself...


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hotwheel Ford GT LM Simple Modding

Another mod up on this new casting of Hotwheel Ford GT LM. I can't resist in mod up this casting because of the sporty racing version and the matt blue racing colour of this latest release . All it's needs are swapped with bigger chrome wheel with rubber tyres, painted red colours rear engine's detail, red coloured seat bucket and lastly added custom stainless steel twin rear exhaust muffler.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Custom Hotwheel Mitsubishi lancer "GReddy" Evo X

This is another custom Hotwheel Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X which is also one of my favourites in Mitsubishi Lancer GReddy Racing specs.. Instead of one custom Evo that i will do in exchanges programme with cham , i've make it into three in numbers. The other was specially swapped with chrome wheels with rubber tyres.

First pictures files, EVO X with chrome rims and rubber wheels, rear steel mufler added.

Second picture files, two similar custom EVO X with painted black colour spoke originals rims and wheels..

Third picture files, all the three EVO X..

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Complete Custom Hotwheels Team Gigawave Nissan GTR

Yes, as promised, here's my complete custom Nissan GTR which are based on Japan GT racing team known as Team Gigawave Nissan GTR. I've tried to replicated this version although it's not really 100% matching the real 1:1 scale.
Added are the custom made rear GT wing ,front lower custom lips skirting and lastly the antenna on top.


Here's the comparison to Nissan GTR Yellow Hat by Tomica. Photo's captured both cars side by side. How do you think of it?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

HW Custom Team Gigawave Nissan GTR WIP

Hi there again, it's been a long time i've didn't post any of my custom work since last year (month!). It's because due to very busy and tight schedule for the month of december 2009 until end of january 2010. I've been assigned by my HWC Malaysia to custom and complete 100 nos of 2010 club car and 50 nos of DD (dairy delivery) dinner car for our 1st HWCM annual dinner event which will be held on 31st january 2010.And i hope to finish them in time.

I will revealed some of this club car pictures the following month after the event.

Here's another custom work shown in WIP which already completed before my custom club car started. The full complete custom GTR will be shown in part 2 later.

After previous custom nissan GTR part 1 completed, this time my custom GTR needs to have some cutting at the rear spoiler. But i'm having some difficulties here because as i do not have the dremel cutting tools. After giving some thoughts , i've decided to cut it anyway using hand saw manually which i've been dicussed and advised by elgee from G- Garage.

There is no sawing or cutting angle for me to execute as the spoiler attached to GTR casting are very close.Finally i've managed to cut it by using plyer to clam the casting with the rear side facing upward. From the top of the casting, i've sawing the spoiler very consistently and slowly, This took me about 15 minutes to cut it off with every 5 minutes stop interval just to check the cutting line are in alignment. My advise, do it patiently or else you will end up hurting your fingers if the hand saw jump out of the cutting line.

After the cutting process complete, some hard sanding applied here to smoothen the cutting area. The other works included are drilling some holes for rear spoiler and the top for fixing antenna .

After the sanding, some primer coats applied here.As usual after the primer coats drys, another round sanding applies to smoothen the coating surface. Next, the white coat of spray paints.

Next, some cutting of masking proceed. Some small slice of cutting and masking applied one by one.
This takes me about half and hour to mask all the side of the casting.

Next, the second coating of red colour spraying applies.
All the area exposed are meant to be in red colour as in my custom GTR.

As the red colours healed and dries, the masking area removed, you can see the actual lining and stripe that i wanted in this way.

The 2nd coating complete here as all the masking have being removed.

more masking work again.

Another black colour spray coat all over,

After the black colour coating healed, the masking has been removed. And what we can see is 2 tone red and black stripe effect.

Now to the aerial or antenna. I chose this thin and long plastic tag which we normally see on collar of the shirt or t shirt which are tagged along with price list on retail shopping malls.

next, cut out the middle section.

custom antenna which has been cut out.

Now, the interior has been touch up as the seat bucket are painted red colour. The wheels are swapped from hotwheel ferrari co-mold tyres and the rear custom GT wing and antenna are all in the order to be fixed for the final touch.
Here's the complete WIP custom, will post the full custom pictures later.