Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Custom Tomica Honda Civic Type R

I've been asked by some friends some times ago that wether i do custom on Tomica Honda Civic casting.Well, this is my first custom on tomica casting in the mould of Honda Civic Type R. Just some simple mode up as i'm quite satisfy with the original paint.
Added kits are custom built side mirror, wheels swapped from Hotwheels Speed Machine's white co-mo wheels and custom built rear steel exhaust muffler.

comparison to the original civic type R

thanks for looking.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Custom Tomica Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Police Car

Another custom Malaysian Helang Evo X police car, this time is Tomica casting. the built up custom was done together with the earlier posted Hotwheels version but these tomica casting has a little more work to do.
The difference are the opening doors on both sides a surplus advantage compares to Hotwheels and so to spray paint jobs which needs that separate and more times needed on masking.
However i retain the original rooflight as this casting was Tomica Evo X British Police car and it makes my job easier.

both tomica police cars, pictures taken together.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Complete Custom Hotwheel Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Police Car

As promised, my custom Mitsubishi lancer Evo X Malaysian police car known as Helang Lebuhraya (Highway Eagle) completed. These casting are Hotwheels in 1/64 scales.
Added custom include:
custom make side mirror, roof light, rear steel muffler and
custom make roof antenna

of all the custom kit above, the roof light design is my best achievement so far which are built from scratch and quite satify with the result although not achieving 100% similarity to the actual scales.

here's my Helang with hotwheels original wheels set..
here's the real 1:1 Police car. pictures courtesy from jhc7598.

another wheels variant, source from hotwheels speed machine series, i've include these white co-mo wheels.
Some fleet of Evos police car, ready for operation....
each of the custom car are include together with plastic folderbox..
all the five cars are ready for collection and deliver to friends and respective owners.
one for the album, out of five, remaining units are for self collection and future custom reference.

coming up next, custom Tomica Helang Police car...
thanks for looking.

Monday, June 14, 2010

WIP Hotwheel Lancer Evolution X Custom Malaysian Police Car

It's been a year already since i've started my blog last year on the month of may and how time pass by without realised it. Thanks everyone for the support and some very good comments, this will motivate my custom work for further improvement,

Right now, new title header and my new WIP on our very own national highway patrol police car known as Helang Lebuhraya or Highway Eagle Malaysian police car. The actual car are the latest Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X.

and i've selected Hotwheels Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X to start my project. Here's the WIP pictures..
filing tools ready for some hard filing works..

now the rear logo are flattened..

after paint remover, the casting are wash and left in the sun to dry..
new primer coats applies..

another white coating applies here..

after that all the casting are now touch up with painting on the rear light..

now for the side window frame with painted flat black, pictures shown before and after..

all the decals applies here..

rear view..
now for the interior as in original plastic grey colour..need to be sprayed with black colour coating

the casting are now installed with custom made side mirror..
the original wheels are masked and sprayed white all over..
these are the result, all white inner rims ..
the interior are now in black colour..
finally,the most difficult part, to built the roof light from scratch. After trying some prototype for half a day, i've managed to construct the roof light using transparent pvc sheet , cut to size and glue them together to the plastic T joint and ready for clear blue brushing and some clear coating.

the final touch up, ready for installing the roof light on the evo X..

well, that's all for the wip, will ipload the full pictures soon,
thanks for looking.