Friday, November 27, 2009

Custom HW Nissan GTR WIP Complete Work

They are finally complete! 1130 views and 120 replies in the hwcm since the first post announcing this co-custom in the WIP thread, elgee and I have both completed our GT-R customs. This is the first of a (possibly) two part co-custom build, where we're building GT-Rs together in pairs.

The first pair of a street version of a Nissan GT-R with a wide body kit by elgee and the GReddy Nissan GT-R version by me. You can view elgee's work in his blog at G's garage.

here's my completed work...

Thanks everyone for keeping tab on my WIP works here.Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Custom HW Nissan GTR WIP Part 3

Sorry for the late update on my WIP as i was busy in my office work and often came back home late.
Here's my progress, the rear side centre logo was to small to print out and can't be seen and read clearly. So i decided to work the other way.

I used masking tape to seal around the embossed logo. (all the four sides)

After that, i used a medium range grit sandpaper to sand of the exposed logo. This has to be done slowly and gentle. As the more i sanded it, the embossed metal logo are now can be seen clearly after i removed the masking area. This method will result the standard nissan logo in full metal finished. It makes my work easy since it's embossed logo on the casting surface.

Next, for the front headlight, i decided to apply chrome finish effect by using a piece of chrome finish paper.
I've marked the area according to the shape that i wanted to cut it out.

The chrome paper are now cut accordingly to the shape as shown below.

And the chrome finished are now placed under side of the plastic headlight cover using double sided tape.
Now we can see the actual chrome finished front headlight.

Now, time to concentrate on the interior side. The seat bucket are now painted with red colour as standard racing seat colour. Thare are still some touch up work need to be done on the seat.

While waiting for the bucket seat to dry up, i proceed to the underside of the base. Some metal finish paint applies on the underside muffler and exhaust system. As for the tyres, i decided to retain the originals wheels as the rims was in dark chrome finished that suited the custom GTR.

lastly, the GTR body casting are now sprayed with clear coat finish.

As all the above section are almost complete, just awaiting for final assembly,
i will upload the full complete pictures soon.
Thanks for viewing.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Custom HW Nissan GTR WIP Part 2

Thanks everyone for constanly viewing my WIP on the last post in my blog.
Works of progress continues, the masking are in place as marked for spray paint works.

after removal of masking, the black colour portion and lining can be seen now.
Guess what's the design theme this time?

Next, the decals are applied to all the sides of the body casting.
I think everyones knows the custom theme by now........

and pictures from top view..

That's all for now . Will continue with more WIP pictures later.
Thanks for viewing

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Custom HW Nissan GTR WIP

This is the WIP on my custom Hotwheel Nissan GTR which is recently complete and posted on hwcm which i'm collobrating with elgee from Gee's garage.You can also view his WIP in his blog.

Here's my GTR, freshly out from the blister and straight away into the removal of the paint casting. I can see the inside details how was it look. It's different from other body casting.

The inside part of the casting..

Paint removal applies, and the original paint peel off within few minutes, and all left nothing but bare metal.

The casting now are apply with hard sanding to some die casting line and to some part of the body and proceed to spray a layer of primer coating. After the primer coat dried, apply another soft sanding for smoother surface.

Next, first layer of white spray coating applied with another second coat few hours later.

And the final coat of paint..

You might wonder why i would stripped the original white paint and resprayed the white paint again? The answer is simple, the original paints come with another layer of clear coating which are smooth and glossy. Any other paint or airbrush applies on top of it won't last long and it will peel off later.
this is what i've experience when i've try to cut short of my work.

Works to be continue...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Custom Matchbox 2008 Honda Civic Type R

This is another matchbox's 1/64 scale 2008 Honda Civic 2008 which i've custom in full Type R liveries. The original paints are all strip and removed to the bare metal. The front headlight ,rear light and front grille and the chrome wheels had to be repaint again.
Here's the full complete custom make over.

here's another variant colour by matchbox as i've completed all the four colours at the present. The colours released by matchbox are white, yellow, silver and red. I've only recolour the white paints over the standard chrome wheels just to enhance the Type R hype.

As for the yellow, i'm satisfied with the dark chromed wheels which are matching the sporty yellow.

And finally for the silver colour, i've applied black colour to the chrome spokes leaving the outer chrome wheels untouch.
This creates another matching racing wheel with the silver colour Type R.

Mores pictures on the group photos....

Racing time........all the Type R meets and race together!!