Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Custom Hotwheels Honda NSX Mobil One JGTC

Sorry for the long and delay in posting of my custom work lately.
Currently still busy with my office work which requires me going to the site project for some supervision and solving technical issues arises from time to time. Sometimes ended up going home in the late midnight...everyday. Hope that the project will complete sooner and everything back to normal for my free time..which i enjoy most in customizing model cars, .....haha.

Here's another of my complete custom 1/64 scales Hotwheels Honda NSX Mobil One JGTC in white color.
Original casting was embossed with Acura logo. I've sanded it and replaced it with Red Honda logo on the front bonnet and some touch up to the rear engine.
Others are added side mirrors and speed machine's co-mo wheels.