Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hotwheels Datsun 240Z Custom Devil Z Version 2

The owner of these new version has been waiting long for these 2nd and update version of my previous Wangan Midnight Devil Z. He has been happy to received since then when he saw these latest work.

Here are the latest improvement, Custom make side mirrors on the front bonnet, carefully chrome spray on the window frames trimming on all sides, choice of two different rubbers wheels set and lastly twin steel muffler at the rear end.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Custom Hotwheels 69 Mustang code name Musclemania

After some hectic works and not posting any new custom since last month and I've managed to complete this mustang after lying idle for quite some times inside my garage.
No need introduction for the owner of this muscle car as his name are shown on the casting itself.
Actually he wanted the color in plain white and black front bonnet cover but i think i should do something better instead.

Added are two red stripe on the front bonnet, black and red stripe on the both sides of the casting. The side mirrors are scratch built (first prototype on this mustang). the result are quite okay but i need to improve it further in the future.

These mustang has been collected by the owner since, with a smiling on his face.
thanks for looking.