Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Version Custom Ralliart Silver Evo X

Remember the previously posted Custom Hotwheels White SM Ralliart Evo X? Here's the upgrade version with custom built Rear GT Wing, front, side and rear skirting. Added painted copper finish co-mo wheels spokes, side mirrors and single exhaust muffler to spice it up.

These is my last post for the year ending 2010, the next year 2011 will be another exciting custom works again.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year. May the new year brings more prosperity and many die-cast collectibles and hobbies alike to share here with me.

Just in simple plain silver color , enjoy.........

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Complete Custom Gran Turismo Nissan Skyline R34

These are the favourites custom casting that every one is doing now. Here's mine to roll out from my garage.These take a long time to post as due to few factors below.

First,the decals design took me almost 3 weeks to refine to the final stage.

Second, these are the first batch of custom Gran Turismo R34. It takes longer time than expected to complete due to many layers of color masking and heavy decals works all round the casting, and really can't rush to complete it because it will disrupt the consistency of the quality works.

Third,another upgrade to the current Gran Turismo are added roof light bar and metal antenna and matt black wheels with rubber tyres, the rest are standard with black Speed Machine's co-mo wheels.

here's the pictures, presenting Custom 1/64 scales Hotwheels Nissan Skyline R34 gran Turismo.

With standard variant..

All the custom are safely placed inside folderbox, ready for delivery.

Here's the comparison to my Autoartmodels Gran Turismo R34 1/18 scales.

Thanks for looking!