Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hotwheel Custom Civic Mugen Street Tuner

Simple custom. Black and white colour Hotwheel custom Honda Civic SI.
Added custom side mirror,
Rear steel exhaust muffler
with black and red chrome lining co-mo wheels.

Actually this car was crushed in the packing on the delivery via poslaju last year to my friend down south .The rear wing was out of proportion and the rear part of the paint was chip off. This car was formerly custom honda civic Type R,white colour with red and black stripe.

As now, it's was reconstructed, repaint from the scratch and added some latest features and he likes it very much.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hotwheel Custom Bone Shaker "Hell Enforcer Unit"

New custom hotwheel bone shaker, new set of wheels and this time is all red and white 'hell enforcer units' in scales of 1/64.

these custom made roof are detachable

added chrome gear knob...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Complete Bandai Nissan GTR 35

I'm back! After a long busy works schedules that keeps my custom work temporary halt.
Apologies for been away for almost one month.

Here's my Bandai 1/43 plastic scales models Nissan GTR 35 completed, and from what i've seen, this Bandai models are simply awesome! Apart fron the light plastic body shelf, the rest are very detailed right to the front and rear headlight. On the cons side, the rubber wheels are really static and it cannot rolls which i think it is just for display only. And lastly it came with a plastic platform display base with the name in front.

Here's the work in progress;
i've used poster colour to paint the door panel and all the grooves lines.

the black poster colour now almost dry.

Next, use dry cotton bud to wipe all the dried poster colour on the surface, this cleaning process will leave the neat straight door panel lining effect.

Here's the complete lining work.

Thanks for looking.