Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Winner Creepsterz Customizer Of The Year Build Off 2013 Hotwheels Marlboro Mad Manga Transporter Part 2

Here is the Part 2 of the Hotwheels scale 1/64 Custom Marlboro Mad Manga included with the WIP of the trucks and the mad manga.

Hotwheels Mad manga casting after removal of paint, works include cutting and sawing on the doors and front openable hood, others are custom engine parts and rear GT wing.

Truck are from Hotwheels Long Gone, The transporter are the most difficult to built, all start from scratch built. This is my first attempt building transporter with so many trial and error until it works smoothly. below are the plastic pvc sheet about 1.5mm thick, measured and cut out such as side panels, joined to the floor base supported and reinforced by cut out triangular wedges glued below and to inner side panes.

This is the surface floor base view.

The side panel are place over the rear side of the front truck for measurement before further works begin.

Both sides of the panels now are glue together, thus the body structure are more stronger now.

 Again, the repeat process of the bottom part reinforcement wedges completed

Another custom rear housing box that can hold and swapped wheels if need arise.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winner Creepsterz Customizer Of The Year Build Off 2013 Hotwheels Marlboro Mad Manga Transporter Part 1

Happy New Year 2014 to all my friends, hope that this year will be another good and prosperous year for us.It has been very busy and hectic for last few months especially for the custom competition which have taken some times but yielding very good result. As for the year 2013, i have full-fill my achievement by winning the most eagerly participate custom competition that is winning the Creepsterz Customizer of the Year Build Off 2013. These are the finals of all the monthly winners that qualify for the year end competition.

I've been working very hard for these and very happy to win the yearly contest. The theme casting are Car And Truck . Therefore my thought are looking for a theme that combined both car and truck with transporter. That's where Hotwheels 1/64 scales Mad Manga and Long Gone coming to my mind with simple Red and White Racing Marlboro Livery. The process of building these transporter are not easy and took longer time due to cutting, measuring and working mechanism.