Thursday, October 28, 2010

Custom Hotwheels TEIN Honda Civic SI

These custom project was supposed complete last month but was put aside due to some hectic custom helang evo to complete. Anyway, since the decals design was almost 90% done, i just finished off the remaining works for the full complete Hotwheels custom TEIN Honda Civic SI version.

here are the results of my works...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Complete Project Custom Helang Evo X 2nd Edition

After some busy and hectic working schedules on my office work which clash with my custom evo helang working time, finally the 2nd edition has completed. The custom period takes longer time because due to increasing demand numbers of helang as all the custom are individually assembled thus longer workmanship required on each of them. Most of my customer here understand my working custom period are longer which i do custom my car on my free time besides working full time on permanent job.

Here, i would like to emphasize that all the works, the helang evo decals are 100% artist works of my own design. the rest included in these series are :
1) custom made roof light
2) custom made real antenna V2( 100% metal)
3) custom made side mirrors
4) custom made twin rear steel muffler.

as on today, all the helang evos are fully booked to and will hand over to their respective owners by this weekends.
thanks again for their support .

here's the full completes pictures of Hotwheels Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Custom Malaysian Highway Police car...
Although it tooks a longer time to complete, i do really feel satisfy looking at these fleets of final products of custom police car. A task that needs full attention on all the casting which needs customized hand built individually which i doubt i will be repeating in near future.

all the Evos are now carefully placed inside the clear plastic folderbox, awaiting for the customer collection and delivery.

thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New WIP custom Hotwheels Helang Evo X 2nd project

After the long delay as i was very busy clearing some back logged custom and working long hours in office (to the extend of working during public holidays ) finally the 2nd project helang finally started.

as there are more demands for the special police car custom, the numbers are now reaching 13 evo casting presently and added three more R34 skylines to cope with the demand.

i hope that those respective members and friends had to be patience as these custom periods are taking more times to finish as they are custom and assembled individually to maintained high quality finish.
many apology should be any delay prior to this.

here is my WIP pictures below;
and just completes the touch up the window frames in black color
completed on the decals on all the evo x casting, it took me 4 nights to finished on the decals.

the custom roof light assembling are completed and finished with clear blue and clear coats over.
the original chrome underbase are now resprayed with flat black and some touch up on the chassis.And the rear part are waiting to be fitted with rear mufflers.
and the grey interior are now resprayed with flat black too.
These process are repeat one after another and taking longer time to complete in stages.
and the final inspection and some fine tuning here.
thanks for looking, will upload the finals product finish pictures soon.