Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HotWheel Mercy Breaker Custom Pace Car

Originally was HotWheel Mercy Breaker. I've decided to choose this model for my customizing works because of its appearance resembling the well known skyline R34 pace car in gran turismo.
Works on this model taken almost 7 days to complete as it's required a lot of small tiny masking all over the casting and spraying which has to be repeat again and again. But it's all worth the pain and effort. The result is satisfying.
Here's the complete custom makeover.. in 1/64 scales.


  1. really loving this custom job bro! i love this mercy breaker form HW.. hee i have a stock one at home.. not yet modify! yours is awesome!

  2. thanks eric, not a single airbrush were use here.All using spray can. Had to press the button of spray can nozzle lightly all the time.

  3. thanks ben, agree with you, this mercy do really have good body design. Hope to see your custom job soon.

  4. whoa!!!

    great custom paint job daniel! awesome job!!

  5. woww... !!! awesomee...!!
    this car really cool.. i must have one too.. hahahaahaaa
    how long you make this until finish??