Friday, July 24, 2009

HW Greased Lightning Custom ' A1 GP Team Malaysia'

Found this HW Greased Lightning at the bottom of my collection shelf which are in rusty condition. Wheels was out of alignment and some parts of paint was chip off. I decided to give it a new look.
After some final touch up, this Greased Lightning now completes . I thought it just a simple custom judging from the appearance of it but i was wrong. It takes some times to do masking and airbrush job. Added items are custom rear wing, custom air box wing above,details engine, custom make antennas and custom effect worn out tyres.Anyway, after customizing it now known as A1 Team Malaysia (not 100% same as the real scales).
This is the original condition before customize.


  1. Amazing paintjobs! Although not the same bodyworks like the actual A1GP car, but the liveries is superb! Also, the Civic that you modified, the side doors with the Civic Type R, the effect is better than the original Tomica!

  2. thanks hacken!!!! appreciate your comments.