Thursday, December 3, 2009

Custom HW 2006 Honda Civic Type R "Ready For Battle!"

Yes, another custom Hotwheel 2006 Honda Civic Type R this time which i did for another hwcm member who wants this custom civic hot-hatch similar to his current driving car. The colour of his choice are simple white colour body with black colour hood on front and rear side.
Others added parts are custom made rear big oversize "stainless steel" muffler and optional chrome wheels with rubber tyres. In real life, it's illegal to have oversize or big rear muffler in our country but it's free imagination in custom world.

here's the first pictures with standard hw painted black wheels;

optional chrome wheels with rubber tyres


  1. Hi, your custom works are really proffesionals ande very good, congratulations. Greetings.

  2. thanks pablo!
    really appreciates your comments.