Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hotwheel Custom Civic Mugen Street Tuner

Simple custom. Black and white colour Hotwheel custom Honda Civic SI.
Added custom side mirror,
Rear steel exhaust muffler
with black and red chrome lining co-mo wheels.

Actually this car was crushed in the packing on the delivery via poslaju last year to my friend down south .The rear wing was out of proportion and the rear part of the paint was chip off. This car was formerly custom honda civic Type R,white colour with red and black stripe.

As now, it's was reconstructed, repaint from the scratch and added some latest features and he likes it very much.


  1. You are savior of this Civic...Good job..

  2. great work bro!!!

  3. thanks jonleyrosdiecast,
    and welcome to my blog.

    you has a very nice and interesting blog site too!

  4. wow!! Nice CIVIC! If only i can have it!! He he he!! Btw...great custom bro!!