Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hotwheel Custom Civic S.I Type R 2010

My custom Type R version for Hotwheels Speed Machine. If Mattel produce this, it will be nice.

Added items:
simple plain white colour with matte black hood,
custom made side mirror with reflective mirror,
big rear steel exhaust muffler,
custom made front lower lips, side skirtings
and lastly, extra large black co-mo wheels.

Compare to standard civic SI which i've upgrade in simple mod, look at the wheels difference.
The Type R version are slightly higher due to bigger wheels diameter.


  1. I had the good fortune and drove Type R in scale 1:1 :) Nice miniature danielh. Geetings from Poland!

  2. thanks Marcjan Minipassion.
    Yes,It must be feel very fortunate and exciting to have the driven Type R and i wish for that too, hehe..and it's one of my favourite car.

  3. it came our clean and elegant, congrats bro!

  4. Wow! this one is really nice, i love the civic type r decals!

  5. great transformation Danielh! wonderful work on the lower lip!

  6. Thanks Jovet!
    appreciate your comments!

  7. Thanks jonleyrosdiecast!
    i'm glad that you like it.

  8. Thanks Erwin!
    yes, the lip makes the civics look better.