Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Custom Hotwheels Honda NSX Mobil One JGTC

Sorry for the long and delay in posting of my custom work lately.
Currently still busy with my office work which requires me going to the site project for some supervision and solving technical issues arises from time to time. Sometimes ended up going home in the late midnight...everyday. Hope that the project will complete sooner and everything back to normal for my free time..which i enjoy most in customizing model cars, .....haha.

Here's another of my complete custom 1/64 scales Hotwheels Honda NSX Mobil One JGTC in white color.
Original casting was embossed with Acura logo. I've sanded it and replaced it with Red Honda logo on the front bonnet and some touch up to the rear engine.
Others are added side mirrors and speed machine's co-mo wheels.



  1. wow!! Another masterpiece custom car from u!!
    Very nice detailing and lots of add up parts!
    Me likey it! Hope to see more of ur creative custom work here!!

  2. thanks ronnie!
    nice to hear from u again.

  3. WOoooooo!!!!!
    Bro, how's nice if i really having this car !!!! looks so "handsome"
    so busy ?? losing yr free time but u r earn something right ?
    no pain no gain !!!!

  4. CoooL! Glad to see your custom work again Danielh! always worth the wait, can't wait for more Mobil 1 cars. Love to see one of the Porsche GT1 Mobil 1 cars :-) in future custom.

  5. Honestly, this is one of the best custom from u bro! the Kyosho-killer! :P
    Any plans for other JGTC NSX? Raybrig maybe? or Takata? :P

  6. Hi Daniel ,

    Nice & great look of this Honda NSX.



  7. thanks irene.
    haha..yup. u can have it.at the moment priority committed to my work first, the rest can come later.

  8. Beautiful! Great work as always!

  9. thanks Erwin. Glad you like it.haha..
    yes. will include some mobil one porsche GT1 cars in the future.
    thanks again for the suggestion.

  10. thanks danny.
    at the moment there is some planning for those nsx as mentioned by you but need to clear some back logged custom order which are in long waiting list.
    will keep you update. thanks for the suggestion.

  11. Thanks Bernard.
    appreciates your comments!

  12. Thanks Brian! glad to hear from you again.

  13. Andddd you've done it again! As always AWESOME JOB BRO :D :D

  14. Really wish i can photograph some of your customs one day. I only realized the painted engine bay! *jizzzzz*

  15. thanks calvin!
    appreciates your comments,
    yup, hope to meet you too.

  16. awesome bro... I like your custom and your site... if you have time please visit my blog here http://superlomoboy.wordpress.com ... lol


  17. thanks dayat,
    appreciates your comments.

    nice blog you have there.

  18. The 1990 Acura NSX marked the introduction of the VTEC DOHC to the United States.
    With an increase in engine performance and fuel mileage as well as a decrease in emissions, the DOHC VTEC was built into several Honda car models; nsx power , including, the Honda Del Sol, the Acura Integra and the Honda Prelude....