Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hotwheels Custom DD Jayden's FunClub 1st Anniversary

Congratulation to one of my fellow HWCM member whom celebrating his son 12 months birthday recently.
He has requested me to custom this Dairy Delivery for these special occasion.

The owner wish to have the rubber wheels on these custom Dairy Delivery. Finally i have managed to get these matching chrome with rubber wheels after some searching.
Hope that he will be happy for the new outlook.

The base has been drilled on the rivet so that it can be tightened with screw on the casting , now it can be opened and replaced any wheels easily.
Others are custom built big twin steel exhaust muffler at the rear side.


underneath the base, the casting are tighten with cross type screw for changing wheels.


  1. my birthday is coming soon!! Help me custom one..pls!! He he!!
    Btw..this DD look jus great and with swapable wheels!! Like it!

  2. Great Fun club DD! I like the idea of screw base to easily change wheels :-) The result is cool, Danielh!

  3. Hi Daniel ,

    Great custom work & brillant striking yellow colour which surely brings a smile to kids.


    Cheers :)


  4. My birthday is coming soon also ....hihihi ^_^
    This yellow bus (i think is bus right ? @@)looks cool !!!

  5. thanks ronny!
    haha! you've already got your wanted items from me recently.

  6. Thanks Erwin,
    yup. been pondering on this methods. It's much more easier to change wheels now.

  7. Thanks Bernard,
    yup, the owner and his son are smiling now.

  8. thanks Irene.
    got to think what casting might suits you, hehe.