Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hotwheels Custom JUN Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

Thanks everyone for the waiting. I hope not to disappointing everyone either
Well, the most difficult part in the process are the masking for green stripe on the yellow color base on the both sides of the Evo X. It took 6 times masking on and off, spraying alternately in between.

The overall custom built lower skirting and rear GT wing kits are on experimantal stages and still not perfect yet especially on the GT wings with added brackets.

As for the side skirting and rear diffuser, i've added it to the Evo X and it's slightly not the same as the original JUN Evo X version.

The rear height of GT wing are raised up higher than the standard setting.

here's the completed custom JUN Evo X, enjoy...

 And the real JUN EVO X. sample pictures are courtesy from auto


  1. Again awesome result, Danielh! very much like the actual jun evo! 'Congrats for an outstanding custom and the paint process shows your dedication to detail :-)

  2. Thanks Erwin!
    yes, a lot of work here but in the end it's a satisfying result.
    thanks again for the comments.

  3. ohhhh yeah!!! magnificent build Daniel!! Happy Holidays to you my friend! :-)

  4. thanks for the comments JDMike's!!
    Happy Holidays to you too!