Sunday, March 11, 2012

Battles of Bone Shaker Competition: Hell Shaker

Finally, my first win in the international custom competition.
Didn't expect that these custom BS Hell Shaker won the first place in
Creepsterz Kustomz "Battles of The Bone Shaker Custom Competition which held recently (January 2012)

here's my custom entry..


  1. Hi Daniel ,

    Congratulation on your podium finish ( 1st place ).

    You deserved the credit with all your creativity , patience & hard work.


    Thanks ,

    Cheers :)

    1. Thanks bernard,
      appreciates your comments.

  2. i dont understand why it named BONE're really hard working..where you get those tire..i also a model collector..i want to adjust those model like spray some new colour but i dont know how to separate it please reaply (Fazli)....

  3. The first work I saw from you is the Nissan GT-R proj. with you and Gee's Garage. I would like to know where one would be able to get the molding putty that was used to craft the widebody on the Yellow GT-R.