Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winner Creepsterz Customizer Of The Year Build Off 2013 Hotwheels Marlboro Mad Manga Transporter Part 1

Happy New Year 2014 to all my friends, hope that this year will be another good and prosperous year for us.It has been very busy and hectic for last few months especially for the custom competition which have taken some times but yielding very good result. As for the year 2013, i have full-fill my achievement by winning the most eagerly participate custom competition that is winning the Creepsterz Customizer of the Year Build Off 2013. These are the finals of all the monthly winners that qualify for the year end competition.

I've been working very hard for these and very happy to win the yearly contest. The theme casting are Car And Truck . Therefore my thought are looking for a theme that combined both car and truck with transporter. That's where Hotwheels 1/64 scales Mad Manga and Long Gone coming to my mind with simple Red and White Racing Marlboro Livery. The process of building these transporter are not easy and took longer time due to cutting, measuring and working mechanism.


  1. Love your work, You definitely inspire me to be more detailed and push the envelope.

  2. The work on this custom is amazing...

    What base of truck did you use ?

    1. Thanks TakumiSensei,
      the base are also cut out from flat plastic sheet.