Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hot Wheel Custom Honda Civic S.I 2001 scales 1:18

Bought this 1:18 scale Hotwheel Honda Civic S.I 2001 few years ago. The casting is okay but the engine display was all in plain grey plastic colour. After makes some research on this civic model, i decided to upgrade it.
The base of the body are tightened with screws and makes my works easy to dismantle the whole body. The upgrade works includes:
1) repaint the engine cover with red paint
2) insert custom make red colour plug cables attached to side of engine cover
3) some black cables and rubber hose tied with some wires
4) wheels repaint with white colour with red cap cover as the originals was in plain plastic grey


  1. Classic Civic!! If only Autoart would comes out with this!

  2. yes hacken, It will be awesome model by Autoart.From external body to interior details, and engines details will be good as real to watch, hehe....

  3. That is an amazing custom Hot Wheel! Best I've ever seen!
    ~A. Smith