Monday, August 3, 2009

Matchbox Custom Subaru Police Car

This 1/64 scales custom subaru have been done long time ago. Now have the chance to
come out right here. The original subaru are quite satisfied in
appearance and some minor custom job need to applied here.Added are painted
headlight and rear light,front air intake ventilation grilled, radio
antennas to top and rear trunk and lastly painted gold chrome finish to
the wheels.


  1. walau eh!!!!! 1 week 1 custom job!! this guy is expert in Police Car! Great jobs!

  2. thanks hacken!!!!!!! this custom is simple job. No need repaint. Just enhanced it only.That's why finished in short time...hehe!'

  3. Nice police car!!! I like what you have done in the mags, nice choice of color……

  4. thanks Mervin!!! Appreciated your comments.

  5. i love what you did on this one, the original mbx models lacks details