Thursday, September 10, 2009

Complete Custom HW Honda Civic 'Spoon Sport'

Sorry for the delays as i'm having a very busy working lately.
This is my second group custom 'Spoon Sport' project after Civic Type R previously. This time are two different casting of Civic S.I 2001 and Civic Type R 2006. In the end all four of this custom have finally complete after taken some times due to adjusting some changes during the work of progress as requested by my friends. I hope that my friends and fellow blog members which has been keeping updates on the WIP will be happy to see my works here and my Spoon Project will not fail their expectation. And those 'spoons' are fast disappeared as they my friends comes and collect immediately and left one to myself as model reference!!
thanks for looking!!

here's the pictures of custom civic 2001...

here's custom civic type R 2006..
and i will upload all the 4 cars together later as too much my photos to upload here.
thanks for viewing!!


  1. Nice customs danielh, thank you for sharing....

  2. great spoon ports customs daniel!!!
    really great stuff there!! :-)

  3. Congrats Daniel, they look great! I'm looking forward for more Daniel Customs! =)

  4. thanks mervin!!!!!!!
    appreciated your comments.

  5. Thanks JDMikes!!!
    I'm glad that you appreciates it.
    Thanks for the comments.

  6. Thanks Jovet!!!
    will keep those custom coming.
    Thanks again for the comments, appreciates!!

  7. Daniel has become the expert in customs! have to registered the pattern rite!!

  8. absolutely fantastic results, your a master :-)

  9. thanks for the comments Brian!
    Really appreciates it!!

  10. thanks komenda!! appreciates your comments and for being regularly viewing my blog.
    thanks again!

  11. I'm a spoon sports fan! I love these civics!!!