Sunday, September 6, 2009

Work In Progress Part II HW Custom 2006 Honda Civic 'Spoon Sport'

Sorry for the long waiting. As the Custom Spoon Civic S.I 2001 version almost done, i've proceed to another hotwheel honda civic casting.
This is the continuation custom works of another Spoon Sport of Hotwheel Honda Civic Type R 2006 that i've mentioned earlier. Works shown below as casting has been sprayed yellow and blue colour. The decals also applied here to both of the car.

The interior part of this was all in plastic red colour and it's easier for me to preserved the seat by masking them before air brush spray applies.

At the same time,i proceed to the base of the car and used a small sharp metal rod to push and make a hole on the surface of the muffler end.

After that, i used small micro screw driver to drilled the opening hole manually on the muffler end so we can have real look opening hole.

Back to the interior part. The sprayed black colour have dried now and the masking have been removed. Some touch up added to the rear side audio's speaker and dashboard console.

Custom work on all the four cars are complete now.I will post the full complete pictures soon when all the final touch up were done.

thanks for looking and keep update.


  1. danileh, hope to see soon your recent customs.

  2. thanks for looking mervin!!! will upload both custom civic s.i and type R soon !!

  3. another project to look forward to, keep them coming bro! =)

  4. Great step by step!
    Again thanks for sharing the process.
    I can't wait for the final built model :-)

  5. thanks komenda!!
    will definately upload the pictures soon!