Sunday, October 18, 2009

Custom Classico Colleczione: Ferrari 1948 166MM

Received this classico collezione Ferrari 1948 166MM (about scale 1/40) from my friend Shakz7 in very bad condition as he asked me to restore this car for him to original condition. The body paint was very bad and paints peel of almost every part of the surface.

The engine bay was on plain black plastic colour when i've opened the front bonnet lid.

Now every parts are removes as pictures shown below.

The casting body now was hard sanding for smooth surface after removal of paint.
All the casting line at the edges are now eliminated . some paper clip are used here for support the front bonnet lid cover.

The casting now sprayed with primer coat. The engine bay now was given new coat of chrome paint.
Another view of the engine bay and the custam made support stand for the bonnet lid cover
are placed nicely at the side of the engine.

And here's the final stage. Simple spray of new coat of paint all over.

Next: Full complete restoration pictures. Will upload later.


  1. Nice restoration process danielh, will be waiting for the final outcome.....

  2. thanks mervin!
    will upload pictures shortly..

  3. done it again! I'll wait for the progress report.

  4. GOOD job , Have you change glass and light ?

  5. thanks ffoster! the glass and light are still in good condition. Just do some cleaning on it.