Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HotWheel Custom Subaru Police Car

NO mistake! it's not Tomica. This Hotwheel Subaru Custom Japanese police car has complete about 4 months ago and well kept inside my display shelf for quite a long time. I've forgotten to post it because quite busy lately.

The custom of this police car are base on tomica subaru police car as model reference. That's why many people mistaken it for tomica car, hehe..... . The added items are radio antennas to roof top and rear trunk, standard custom V shape police lighting to roof top and gold coloured rims painted to the originals wheels.

comparison to tomica's subaru police car and you can see the difference
as both of these car pictures taken side by side,


  1. Super WOW, Danielh!
    Subaru is my fav Japanese brand and this one is such a cool version :-) Awesome transformation!

  2. Thanks Komenda! i'm glad to hear from you.
    Appreciates your comments!!

  3. You made the Subaru from Hotwheel more even better than your reference...

    Nice custom danielh....

  4. thanks Mervin!
    I'm glad to hear comments from you.