Friday, August 21, 2009

danielh Hotwheel Custom Honda Civic S.I Type R Group Photo

Hi guys! Just another same custom on honda civic S.I Type R version i've done and complete. It took me about 10 days to finish another three cars this time so my HWCM (Hotwheel Collections Malaysia) friends won' be waiting long for this after some delays due to shortage of cars in hand. As i look at them, i feel reluctant to let them go after weeks of making and custom them into Type R version but it's time to hand them over to their new owners.

By taking group photo of them, i will see them together in the pictures...hehe!! Very Happy and keep it in my picture file and upload them here on my blog. Guess who's the new owner? They are Sinclair, Zint3000 and JHC7598!!! and no worries YU5H, i will stop custom this Type R at 5 units only. Yes, it will be limited to 5 units to 5 of us, perhaps in the world., hehe!!!

By the way, another 2 more HWCM members has requested for me to custom for them.And this makes it to 7 units only. The reason to stop are i need to look forward and continue making next project custom and will not making the same custom again. Thanks everyone for trust in me and support my custom works!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hotwheel 2001 Honda Civic S.I Custom "Type R"

Ever wonder how does it looks like if we change the look of 1/64 scales Hotwheel 2001 Honda Civic S.I to current type R tempo? Some of the forum members has first hand look at this custom on last HWC Malaysia gathering already.Here's my third civic custom type R version looks...
side by side with custom civic S.I 2006...perfect type R brothers!!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hot Wheel Custom Honda Civic S.I 2001 scales 1:18

Bought this 1:18 scale Hotwheel Honda Civic S.I 2001 few years ago. The casting is okay but the engine display was all in plain grey plastic colour. After makes some research on this civic model, i decided to upgrade it.
The base of the body are tightened with screws and makes my works easy to dismantle the whole body. The upgrade works includes:
1) repaint the engine cover with red paint
2) insert custom make red colour plug cables attached to side of engine cover
3) some black cables and rubber hose tied with some wires
4) wheels repaint with white colour with red cap cover as the originals was in plain plastic grey

Friday, August 7, 2009

HW Custom Evo7 Proton Pert Rally Car (Rally of Mexico 2004)

Since last month, i had a chat with andrew cham on discussion on next custom project. He came up an idea of using Hotwheel to custom Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 based on our local rally car Proton Pert driven by Karamjit Singh.
As works progress, it took longer times than what i've expected and the only difficulties are applying and cutting small details but in the end the result was very satisfied!! Others added are custom twin antennas and custom front and rear mud flap.I would like to thanks cham for providing me all the details and support!
Here's the pics of custom Hotwheels's Evo7 Proton Pert (MK2) scales 1/64...
side by side with the original hotwheel Evo 7 casting...
the original 1/64 scales Evo 7...
actual car in 1:1 scales....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Matchbox Custom Subaru Police Car

This 1/64 scales custom subaru have been done long time ago. Now have the chance to
come out right here. The original subaru are quite satisfied in
appearance and some minor custom job need to applied here.Added are painted
headlight and rear light,front air intake ventilation grilled, radio
antennas to top and rear trunk and lastly painted gold chrome finish to
the wheels.