Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Complete Custom HWCM 1st Anniversarry Club car and Dinner car

This is my biggest numbers custom club car of the year.
And thanks to our custom crew members.. elgee, rayz hwc, eight, jhc7598 and others for theirs assistant and extra helping to make this happen!

the final complete works...

another pictures before packing for the event..

here's the pictures of dinner car shown during WIP last month and completed in time to delivery for our 1st HWCM Anniversary Dinner.

pictures of custom 62 chevy 2010 club cars.....

mass production of custom DD as dinner car..


  1. Big WHOA!!! Very nice and huge custom cars danielh. Congratulations!!!!Great job......Amazing.......

  2. thanks mervin. yes, this is my first task on mass custom production which i'm able to complete in time.
    It's been hectic and tight schedule spanning in the space of three months and i've to juggle my free time after office hours and weekend holidays.
    Anyway, i'm relieve and happy that my works complete in time, hehe.

  3. love the details on the DD!
    and love the tow tones red on the chevy!

  4. waaaaaaaaaa.................just like mass productions ler!!!!!

  5. awesome bunch for dinner model! Congrats to you Danielh for this feat!

  6. whoa!!!!!! now you've been a busy man! :-)
    those look mighty awesome! great job!

  7. cool! can I attend the dinner :) nice work brother!

  8. thanks kurz!!!!!
    yes, thanks to the admin for the casting selection, hehe!!

  9. thanks hacken!
    yup, really tiring works, but happy to complete them in time. haha!!

  10. thanks komenda!
    appreciate your comments, i'm glad you like it.
    thanks sgain buddy!

  11. thanks JDMikes!
    haha, those months really taking my time but in the end, the hardworks pays off.

    appreciates your comments.

  12. thanks brian!
    you can browse our website here:
    and joins us as member.
    yes, u can attend our dinner..maybe the 2nd anniversary at year end or rely next year.

    and thanks again for the comments,