Monday, February 8, 2010

HW Custom Bling Dairy Delivery "Power Cola!"

This is another custom Bling DD. Simple colour and as usual. Anyone wanna some drinks?


  1. After the big number of custom!!!
    Another custom again, you never get tired do you??

    BTW Cute DD "Ask for more"... Congrats...

  2. thanks mervin!!
    yes, it's very tiring. After the completion of those club cars, i might as well done this one unit only. After that it will be one week long break for resting and hibernate, hehe...

    As for the "ask for more" custom, still in blue print planning, it will be my next project.

  3. did you cut the roof ?!??!?!
    awesome :D

  4. u have come to a difference category in diecast collections. i think this category suits you better and now u become famous in custom made!! i am sure your sons quite like it especially Chun Yip!!

  5. hi adeimuse, thanks and welcome to my site.

    no, i didn't cut the roof, it's a bling version of that standard DD version.

    thanks for the comments!

  6. thanks hacken!
    yes, you know my main hobbies, customizing cars besides collecting die-cast model cars.
    And my son like it because he's always ask me to reapairs his toy cars whenever his toys crashed and broken..hehe.

  7. waaa daniel, after seeing ur coke DD, i feel so thirsty man..haha..nice work there..

  8. thanks eric!
    appreciates your comments, hehe
    and Happy Chinese New Year to you bro!!