Sunday, November 7, 2010

Custom Helang : The next Super Eagle

As all of us here might wonder what's next on the custom helang police car after lancer evolution casting. The new custom helang police car has completed and i've presented it in another form of short story and pictures..

these are my first story pictures posted and some unexpected commets receives from other forums recently..

"fainted...wake up ...fainted....wake up...fainted!! Ur damn good bro!!
Now come with story board....look more fresh in idea!! Not just post and show stories somemore!! BRAVO!!" by ckh

"wow great presentation those got new helang version" by xebec-crash

"ahahaha... very nice storyline there bro..
nice custom... congrats..." by mushroom

"OMG my jaw dropped........................nice and unexpected" by Pydrumerboy

"nice story line, if i'm not mistaken, the patrolman is from greenlight? nice one!" by ADVedder

"cool... love the lighting effect..." by Smadli

"great storyline!!!" by cham

"Haha, I really love the story, very exciting!
And that Veyron Helang is superb!" by sinclair

"Not just V6 its V10 and not just V10 its double V 10.
They call it as W (for double V) engine. 16.2 litre that 16,200 C.C. needs 10 super belittle size intercooler to cool the engine.. 20 cylinder x 4 cams per cylinder. That why the car intercept so so fast.
BTW, Danielh I just saw this. My four thumbs up and this year best clip of the year. Very interesting story telling." by wildspirit.


  1. Haha!Nice one.

    PDRM got so lot of money to buy Veyron, eh.

    Ps : really need to know where you get the decal sheet. Online?

  2. thanks Rafys78.
    haha, just some custom veyron here.
    the decals sheets are from the help of my friends. and they got from ebay and also online orders.

  3. PDRM can maa to buy Veyron.. no tax..1/2half price..hohooo.. cool daneilh ;)

  4. subscribed to your comic...!!...haha...nice work

  5. Hey bro, nice spinning wheels and lights effects! And awesome Veyron Helang as well! :D

  6. Hi Daniel ,

    Nice car's work & nice story.

    In fact you have the potential to become a movie script writer.



  7. You're really great with what you do, Danielh! Cool fun storyboard and customs ;-)

  8. thanks irene.
    LOL! i'm not that good in writing stories,
    just wanna share here..hehe

  9. thanks hansgarage.
    appreciate your comments.

  10. thanks Danny,
    yup, some added lights and wheels effect to spice it up...hehe

  11. thanks Kin.
    i'm flattened by your wonderful comments....
    haha, custom car is still my main hobbies.

  12. thanks Erwin.
    appreciate your comments.glad you like it.
    i'm just trying a different scope of presentation and never expect some surprise replies here..haha

  13. Wow!!!! I'm speechless..........;)Nice storyline and nice cars...;)Hope to see more helang mod and cars.......;P

  14. thanks subaru228!
    and welcome to my blog, hope that you'll enjoy wiewing here.

  15. thanks marcjan minipassion.
    appreciate ur comments,

    and many thanks to Mervin too.

  16. totally awesome!! just cant believe find such great talent here in malaysia! always boleh!