Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Custom Qombee Hauler with Bugatti Veyron Helang

Hi guys, sorry for the long delays as i was very busy at work lately.
After the completion of the Helang Evo X, followed up introduction of Bugatti Helang based on the short story earlier, here's the Helang hauler in the casting of Hotwheels Qombee 1/64 scales to complete my custom helang series.

the rear 8 straight pipes on the rear platform has been sealed with rectangular piece of plastic for holding the hauler and replaced with twin big steel muffler at the rear ends.

twin Bugattis with wheels variations...

thanks for looking.


  1. nobody will be above the law anymore.....great customs....

  2. Hi Daniel ,

    Perfect custom work & great outdoor shoot.



  3. thanks Mervin!
    haha...agree with you.

  4. thanks Kin!
    appreciated your comments.
    at least outdoor shoot looks more natural,hehe

  5. Danielh, great custom group!
    Where do you get those very nice TH rubber/rim wheels in large numbers? They make the diecast more special.

  6. thanks Erwin.
    Those TH rubber wheels are source from local flee market where some times there will be available (if you're lucky)beat down or heavy scratches TH or garage series which are beyond mint condition. These casting usually have very good rubber wheels condition for my custom project.