Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WIP Custom Gran Turismo Hotwheels Skyline R34

My new project, based on the Gran Turismo R34, in the mould of Hotwheels 1/64 scales Nissan Skylines R34.
Here's the image (not custom)

and the works on progress.

thanks for looking.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Custom Qombee Hauler with Bugatti Veyron Helang

Hi guys, sorry for the long delays as i was very busy at work lately.
After the completion of the Helang Evo X, followed up introduction of Bugatti Helang based on the short story earlier, here's the Helang hauler in the casting of Hotwheels Qombee 1/64 scales to complete my custom helang series.

the rear 8 straight pipes on the rear platform has been sealed with rectangular piece of plastic for holding the hauler and replaced with twin big steel muffler at the rear ends.

twin Bugattis with wheels variations...

thanks for looking.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Custom Helang : The next Super Eagle

As all of us here might wonder what's next on the custom helang police car after lancer evolution casting. The new custom helang police car has completed and i've presented it in another form of short story and pictures..

these are my first story pictures posted and some unexpected commets receives from other forums recently..

"fainted...wake up ...fainted....wake up...fainted!! Ur damn good bro!!
Now come with story board....look more fresh in idea!! Not just post and show custom....got stories somemore!! BRAVO!!" by ckh

"wow great presentation danielh....love those effect...now got new helang version" by xebec-crash

"ahahaha... very nice storyline there bro..
nice custom... congrats..." by mushroom

"OMG my jaw dropped........................nice and unexpected" by Pydrumerboy

"nice story line, if i'm not mistaken, the patrolman is from greenlight? nice one!" by ADVedder

"cool... love the lighting effect..." by Smadli

"great storyline!!!" by cham

"Haha, I really love the story, very exciting!
And that Veyron Helang is superb!" by sinclair

"Not just V6 its V10 and not just V10 its double V 10.
They call it as W (for double V) engine. 16.2 litre that 16,200 C.C. needs 10 super belittle size intercooler to cool the engine.. 20 cylinder x 4 cams per cylinder. That why the car intercept so so fast.
BTW, Danielh I just saw this. My four thumbs up and this year best clip of the year. Very interesting story telling." by wildspirit.