Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WIP Hotwheels Custom Honda Civic 2001 TEIN version

After the long holidays, it's time now back to usual custom.

A friend of mine asked me whether i can built custom Hotwheels 2001 Honda Civic SI in the TEIN version as he had seen my latest custom 06 Civic SI TEIN version. I'm not sure, because the overall casting might not results look really as good as the 2006 version. Anyway, here's the WIP to see whether these version will be much better.

the original paint has been removed

the rear standard wing has been cut off.
a new scratch built rear GT spoiler on the rear , not bad looking.
view from the rear side
now for the lower front skirting, measurement and cutting in process
this how it's look beneath the casting.
thanks for looking, will upload the complete custom soon.


  1. When I first look on the pics, I thought that is BMW M3 GTR hehe. Can't wait for final. Greetings Dude!

  2. Looking on the naked body indeed marcjan is correct really looks like an M3...

    Definitely a great work again danielh...

  3. Hi Daniel ,

    Happy making of a wonderfull product.


  4. Excited to see the final result Danielh!

  5. thanks Marcjan.
    haha, i didn't knows that it will resembling to beemer M3 GTR casting.

  6. thanks Mervin.
    haha..bare metal casting does looks the other way round.

  7. thanks bernard,
    appreciates your comments!

  8. thanks Erwin.
    glad to hear that, will post the complete custom soon.

  9. thanks irene!!
    appreciate your comments.

  10. not bad but i would recommend some putty and a steady hand and some creativity. these are some of my old models from back then, http://community.webshots.com/user/walleye182 . Just came upon this site searching for some of my old models since I sold them all back then. Hoping to find some new updated pictures of them or something since digi cams back then sucked ass.

  11. Hamdillah JohariMay 9, 2011 at 6:33 PM

    Hi...i just wonder what u use to add the front lower skirting..if u dont mind telling hehe anyhow its been a pleasure to see your custom cars..amazing..

  12. thanks for the suggestion walleye182.
    will try some putty in the future.

    saw a lot of your collection at your site.
    they are awesome!

  13. hi hamdillah johari,
    the front lower skirting are a piece of plastic sheet. cut and measure to match the front width of the civic.

    thanks again for the comments.