Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Complete Custom Hotwheels TEIN Honda Civic 2001

Brand new year and and a brand new custom Civic. As the end result shown, i must admit that this 2001 version are much better looking than the previous job done on the 2006 Civic SI TEIN version.
The overall custom has been improved mainly on the custom built lower skirting, side skirting and scratch built rear GT spoiler.

presenting Custom TEIN Hotwheels Honda Civic 2001, enjoy..

compares to 2006 custom TEIN Civic, which one are better?


  1. as expected, great job....I choose the latest custom i like what you have done in the Bumper....

  2. Very nice! Agree the new custom is of my preference :-) both are great though. Cool pair!

  3. Hi Daniel ,

    The whole car look just stuning especially the lower front spoiler & the rear wing.
    In fact the rear wing must come together with the rear bottom diffuser in order to reduce the drag.
    The more drag you have which means more fuel you gonna burned.

    "Great job"


  4. A lot of work, but final... - well done danielh! I agree, that 2001 Civ looks better, not only in miniature ;)Greetings.

  5. thanks mervin.
    yup, the latest do look better, hehe..

  6. thanks mushroom.
    appreciates your comments.

  7. Thanks Erwin,
    glad you like it.

  8. thanks Bernard,
    and thanks for the explanation on the function of the rear wing and diffuser.haha

  9. thanks marcjan.
    agree, the 2001 looks better.