Monday, November 16, 2009

Custom HW Nissan GTR WIP Part 2

Thanks everyone for constanly viewing my WIP on the last post in my blog.
Works of progress continues, the masking are in place as marked for spray paint works.

after removal of masking, the black colour portion and lining can be seen now.
Guess what's the design theme this time?

Next, the decals are applied to all the sides of the body casting.
I think everyones knows the custom theme by now........

and pictures from top view..

That's all for now . Will continue with more WIP pictures later.
Thanks for viewing


  1. Looking forward to another great wip by the master! =)

  2. thanks jovet! more WIP pictures soon.

  3. Dude what do you use to take the paint off? Thanks!

  4. dear anonymous,

    use paint remover or paint stripper by brushing all over the casting. Leaves it for 5 to 10 minutes, the paints will peeled off slowly but please wear rubber hand gloves. These two items should be available at your local D.I.Y or hardware stores.

  5. I'm following this WIP, can't wait to see the results.
    Wonderful step by step Danielh!
    Looking good :-)

  6. hi, it's an awesome gtr!!! my question is how do you take out the body of the wheels to take the seats and how you join again these parts again. finally the g-reddy logo is painted or you use decals??? Again, nice work