Sunday, November 1, 2009

Custom Matchbox 2008 Honda Civic Type R

This is another matchbox's 1/64 scale 2008 Honda Civic 2008 which i've custom in full Type R liveries. The original paints are all strip and removed to the bare metal. The front headlight ,rear light and front grille and the chrome wheels had to be repaint again.
Here's the full complete custom make over.

here's another variant colour by matchbox as i've completed all the four colours at the present. The colours released by matchbox are white, yellow, silver and red. I've only recolour the white paints over the standard chrome wheels just to enhance the Type R hype.

As for the yellow, i'm satisfied with the dark chromed wheels which are matching the sporty yellow.

And finally for the silver colour, i've applied black colour to the chrome spokes leaving the outer chrome wheels untouch.
This creates another matching racing wheel with the silver colour Type R.

Mores pictures on the group photos....

Racing time........all the Type R meets and race together!!


  1. waaaa......should call me to get this!! Its my blog's banner!!

  2. Nice set of Type R, I really love this European Civic...

  3. thanks hacken! forgot that your'e civic lover.

  4. Thanks Mervin! yes, this euro type R are one of my favourites too!

  5. extra cool, Danielh! fun photo shots as well :-)

  6. thanks komenda!
    and thanks for regularly viewing my blog.

  7. congrats on another great mod work, keep them coming!

  8. thanks for the comments jovet!!

  9. thanks pablo! and welcome to my blog.