Thursday, November 12, 2009

Custom HW Nissan GTR WIP

This is the WIP on my custom Hotwheel Nissan GTR which is recently complete and posted on hwcm which i'm collobrating with elgee from Gee's garage.You can also view his WIP in his blog.

Here's my GTR, freshly out from the blister and straight away into the removal of the paint casting. I can see the inside details how was it look. It's different from other body casting.

The inside part of the casting..

Paint removal applies, and the original paint peel off within few minutes, and all left nothing but bare metal.

The casting now are apply with hard sanding to some die casting line and to some part of the body and proceed to spray a layer of primer coating. After the primer coat dried, apply another soft sanding for smoother surface.

Next, first layer of white spray coating applied with another second coat few hours later.

And the final coat of paint..

You might wonder why i would stripped the original white paint and resprayed the white paint again? The answer is simple, the original paints come with another layer of clear coating which are smooth and glossy. Any other paint or airbrush applies on top of it won't last long and it will peel off later.
this is what i've experience when i've try to cut short of my work.

Works to be continue...


  1. Hi, this casting it's good, I have one in I hope like you, greetings.

  2. Yesterday we are in Mall of Emirates in Dubai, on our way to parking area I saw one of this Supercar in orange color with black hood it is really adorable...

    Hope to find one of these on ’24 or ’43...

  3. Always good to see the wip photoshot!! Nice job!

  4. thanks pablo!! you has a very nice blog.

  5. thanks mervin! yes, i do hope that you will get it soon, and post it on your blog for us to see.

  6. thanks hacken!! appreciate your comments, more WIP will be coming.

  7. I'll wait for the final outcome! looks very interesting to see you mode this GTR.

  8. With your kind of talent, i'm sure this will be a jaw dropping project, good luck daniel! hope to see it soon! :-)